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The Woodburning Fire

The Woodburning Fire by Arthur Howell is a straightforward and detailed guide to all aspects of woodburning fires - for open fires, stoves, chimenea or house fires.
It includes building, starting and maintaining the fire, types of wood, woodcutting and tools, fireside paraphernalia  and safety.
It is offered here for purchase as a downloadable PDF file.

We have come a long way since rubbing sticks together to light our fires.
Unfortunately, the lessons our cavemen ancestors learned are being forgotten in the wake of the central heating system.
The return to the open grate and open fires is a welcome trend but the gap since the war has resulted in the rapid disappearance of our fire lighting knowledge.
I have gathered together all available information and experience to produce this simple guide for all those starting out with any type of woodburning fire.
Arthur Howell

The Woodburning Fire is an illustrated 44-page guide in 14 chapters in PDF format (opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader). Price: 2.50.
You can read it on screen or print a copy from your PC.
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